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To whom it may concern

I am writing regarding a reference for Utilities Infrastructure New Zealand. I first worked with UINZ in 2014, when I employed them to directionally drill a small pressure main as part of the Burwood East project. This quality and ease of this job resulted in us awarding the vast majority of the Burwood West project to them. With them expanding to doing civil works as well as directional drilling. We have found them to be hard working, honest and reliable. I recommend them as one of Downer most favoured subcontractor.

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Daniel Fryer

Project Engineer,


To Whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter of reference for one of our most preferred Contractors Utilities Infrastructure NZ.

Sicon first engaged Utilities Infrastructure as a contractor in September 2014 with using them with in our maintenance programme for the Selwyn district council, since then Utilities Infrastructure have been including in majority of pricing of water and waste water mains upgrades and renewals.

Since using Utilities Infrastructure our projects have ran efficiently and within our time frames, we would highly recommend Utilities Infrastructure to any  project with their high commitment to quality and safety.

Sicon considers Utilities Infrastructure very hard working and reliable and will continue to use them for the majority of our projects around the Selwyn district.

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Darryl Collins

Contracts Manager,

Sicon LTD - Water/Wastewater

Utilities Infrastructure NZ have been awarded the contract to renew water mains in the Godley Quay area of Lyttelton and Wrights / Cashmere Roads in Christchurch City. The contract price was $1.574m. The Godley Quay works are mainly Ductile Iron pipe. I have found that the company is well led and has a high level of skill and motivation throughout. The most important thing with contracting companies is to have the right people in the right place, and UINZ have achieved this. At the project manager / foreman level they are very focused and proactive, the general workforce is well managed and has a high level of H&S awareness.

The contract is 60% complete and running to program, all QA requirements have been met and their risk management is very good in that they pressure test as they go in order to ensure the official witness pressure test is successful.

As a testament to their skill level they have gained a place on the recently formed CCC contractors panel for water supply reticulation construction. I would recommend them as a stand-alone contractor and as a subcontractor due to their skill level and motivation.

Sent via email 2/1/2017.

Peter McConnel

Project Manager,

Three Waters & Waste, Christchurch City Council

“UINZ were awarded the subcontract to install 1400m of twin PE pipelines in a common trench from Naval Point to Simeon Quay as part of the Christchurch City Council – Lyttelton Wastewater Project.

From the outset of commencing work on site the UINZ team have been proactive in their approach, planning and execution of the work. The pipeline alignment, both vertical and horizontal was always going to be challenging due to the number of existing utility services that run adjacent and across the alignment. These services included fuel and high voltage lines which required special attention and were also subject to special conditions for confirming locations and the manner in which crossings were to be carried.

UINZ’s extensive knowledge and experience of working in this area of the project brought significant benefits to the project and were able to identify potential issues and offer practical and cost-effective solutions in advance of the works.

These solutions included but were not limited to identifying alternative horizontal alignments for the pipelines to reduce and some instances avoid clashes with existing services. These alternative alignments were confirmed through proactive discussions with the Engineer and site investigations to confirm the location and depth of the services clashing with the new pipeline design alignment.

UINZ’s approach has been focused on what is achievable as well as being innovative without comprising the standard and quality of workmanship.

This section of the wastewater project is on the critical path and the timely completion of the twin pressure main pipelines is driven by the need to commission and bring them into service prior to the expiry of a Council’s resource consent in December 2018.

We also confirm that throughout the course of the project they have proved that they are a reliable, innovative, practical and very competent contractor.

The standard and quality of their work has been first class and have exceeded Client and stakeholder expectations.”

We are pleased to provide this support for UINZ’s entry to CCNZ Canterbury Awards for sub-contractor, underground services and $1.5M – $5M project categories.

Sent via email 16/8/2018.

Jim Bell

Engineer's Representitive,

CCC Lyttelton Wastewater Project – Contract WP#2