Hydro excavation

Utilities Infrastructure NZ can also provide service locating using vacuum excavating, also known as Hydro excavating, Potholing, Hydro Trenching or Hydro Digging.

It is the process in which a high pressure water jet and vacuum truck is used to create trenching by removing the earth and heavy debris by a powerful suction hose, rather than by manual trench excavation. It safely identifies services such as gas, water, electric, phone & fibre optic cables – preventing possible damage.

This process allows for quick, clean and precise evacuations which require less backfilling, less labour and machinery, with less environmental impact than conventional digging methods. A controlled water jet allows for surgeon-like accuracy. While removing only material necessary for a repair or an inspection with far less material needing to be removed when compared with the bigger, less-than-accurate excavator method.

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